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What we offer:

Atrium Banner

Our spectacular atrium banners are a show stopping medium guaranteeing the most eyes on your brand and 100% share of voice. Banners, due to their size and prime in-centre positioning, are an effective format for centre domination and cut through.

  • Largest in-centre media format
  • Double Sided
  • Visible from multiple levels

Entrance Door Decals

Entrance door decals are designed to engage the consumer just prior to entering the shopping centre. They are large, visually impressive and impossible to miss as you make your entrance.

  • High traffic entrances
  • Superior visibility medium

Pop Ups

 Consumers thrive off of a sensory experience. We can assist you to reinforce your brand via an incentre display or kiosk where consumers are able to interact with your brand.

Floor Decals

Floor decals are strategically located in key sites around the shopping centre to ensure maximum visibility including major thoroughfares, at key entry and exit points, at the base of travelators and escalators and close vicinity to relevant stores associated with your brand.

  • Multiple floor site options
  • Creative flexibility

Digital Decals

A dynamic format that allows your message to come alive via a network of digital screens in key regional and metropolitan shopping centres.

  • Dynamic creative capability
  • Prime locations